Splendor Pride Cattery

I'm glad to welcome you to the cozy virtual home of "Splendor Pride" Cattery!
My name is Olena Malimon, I am a professional breeder of Maine Coon and Canadian Sphynx cats from Kremenchuk, in Ukraine.
On this site, you can get to know much better the representatives of these two absolutely different breeds that captured my heart, as well as their descendants in the "Kittens for you" section. 
Now it's your turn to open your heart to the representatives of these charming breeds!

The Cattery History

The history of nowaday "Splendor Pride" Cattery began with the appearance in 2010 in our house of the first purebred cat. Her name was Afina Lebeca - an amazing Canadian Sphynx kitten of chocolate mink color with charming aquamarine eyes. Afinochka, as we affectionately called her, literally opened up an amazing world of felinology for us and even then she let us know that love for Sphynxes is forever. When Afina turned 10 months old, we entered her in the first international cat show, where she was a real sensation. The same thing happened at the next two cat shows.

This super-cat gave us, in addition to joy, very high-quality offspring. Now she is neutered and continues to please us every day as a pet. A little later, other Canadian Sphynxes, as well as representatives of a new breed for us - Maine Coon - joined us.

Now, our cattery continues to grow and expand.

Our Amazing Canadian Sphynxes

Cats of the Canadian Sphynx breed have a unique appearance, due to this they became a part of many legends. So, for example, one of them says that the first Sphynxes gave their fur to the Gods in order to keep them warm. Truth or fiction, it is up to you. But I can say with absolute certainty that I am in love with this breed. Canadian Sphynxes, they are calm, friendly, affectionate, intelligent and sociable. They are unique!

Canadian Sphynxes of the Splendor Pride Cattery are healthy (including negative ultrasound results for HCM), quality, titled cats of the leading breeding lines (Joser, Baby Rah, Grand Oray, Nostalgie) with amazing appearance and no less amazing character.

Our Magnificent Maine Coons

In 2010, the Maine Coon cat Langstteich's Sexy Joyce flew to us from the leading German Cattery - Langstteich Cattery. It's no secret that Maine Coon cats have long been nicknamed as "affectionate giants". Jussi is a vivid confirmation of this, she is a large, beautiful cat with a very affectionate character and, moreover, the owner of a high title - Grant Inter Champion in the international WCF system.

At the moment, several titled Maine Coons live in the Splendor Pride cattery. They favorably differ in their breed characteristics, which is confirmed by their show results, and strong health, as confirmed by their appearance, state of health and various veterinary tests (including negative N/N genetic tests for HCM). The pedigrees of our affectionate giants include the best foreign catteries (Langstteich, Pillowtalk, Batterflydust).

Documents of Splendor Pride (Silk Wave) Cattery

Earlier our cattery was called "Silk Wave". In 2018, we re-registered with the international system World Cat Federation (WCF), so now our cattery is called "Splendor Pride".

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